What to do about the Norks

Kim Jong Un, the apparently unstable heir to the throne in North Korea, has been babbling quite a bit lately. His babblings, in a sane society, would result in him being institutionalized for his own good. Sadly, this crazy is the head of a rogue, terrorist state. A state that may soon possess working nuclear weapons.

Here’s a recent sample of that wacky, fun-loving Kim, according to this news item,

attending an “urgent operation meeting” with senior generals late last month, during which he signed a rocket preparation plan and ordered his forces on standby to strike the US mainland, South Korea, Guam and Hawaii.

Well, should the Norks successful invasion of the United States as reported in Red Dawn give us pause?

Oh, right. That was fiction. Actually, the Red Dawn remake was so ridiculous in concept as to give the Norks a few more years breathing room before the adults in the room take away Kim’s toys. The fundamental problem? There are no adults in that crazy room. Red China is the closest thing we’ve got, and they seem in zero hurry to reign in Lil’ Kim.

But if you’re in South Korea, the Norks pose a real and present danger. If you’re in Guam, we love ya but don’t think we’re going to nuke Pyongyang if they take you out. And what, exactly, do you think the OBambi administration would do should the Norks make war on us or our allies?

Therein lies the fundamental problem: the Norks have zero respect for us. Where “respect” should mean they stain their chuddies just thinking about what the United States might do to them if they actually used a nuclear weapon against us or our allies.

If the Norks actually nuked Seoul, I suspect that our State Department would issue a really, really strong letter demanding that they don’t do that again, but providing a toll-free number for South Korean survivors to call in to request help.

If we had a president with sand, we would nuke every major city in North Korea, and tell the Chinese to clean up the mess in their back yard. Strong message to follow.

But, sadly, we have a community organizer who wants to be loved by the world community, whatever that might be. In the meantime, we can only hope and pray that sending Dennis Rodman will suffice…

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