Diversity uber alles

There is a lengthy report on diversity in MLB from, who else, something called the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport. The report is chock full of statistical goodness, and continues to add to our national obsession over diversity.

There are a lot of stats, but the one that some folks may worry about (why I haven’t a clue) is that during the 2012 season, 8.8 percent of players were African-American. Or about four percent less than their representation in the population at large.

On the other hand, Hispanics account for just over 27 percent of players, about double their proportion of our population.

Are either of these stats grounds for worry? Should a baseball team not hire a hard-hitting Dominican in favor of a less-skilled black? How about bringing whites up to their level in the general population? After all, the study shows only 61 percent, when they make up 72 percent of the population as of the 2010 census. Clearly something amiss, here.

What to do? Here’s a modest suggestion: do nothing. Let’s have the best players fill the rosters. With zero regard to what the color of their skin or their ethnic background or anything else besides their skills at the plate and in the field.

I might’ve added that they should be clean and sober, but that would have deprived us of some of baseball’s all-time greats.

You’re welcome, Babe.


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