Second thoughts

The brothers who just committed murderous terror on the citizens of Boston are poster boys for a broken immigration system. A system that, even with red flags having been raised, allows Muslims with suspected terror ties into our country. What terror ties? Well, the digging is just getting to some juicy tidbits.

Even one of the prime movers on “comprehensive” immigration reform, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) may be having second thoughts . Which is a very good thing.

“Comprehensive,” in scare quotes, is just a clever way of saying “amnesty” without actually using that accurate but politically radioactive word. The “Gang of Eight”’s plan, now under discussion in the Senate, promises future border security in exchange for this, from the Washington Post:

…provisional status for unauthorized immigrants who who pass background checks and fulfill other requirements, such as paying fines and back taxes to the federal government.

Well, that’s the ticket: “provisional status.” Which is all the vast majority of illegal immigrants want in the first place. To be able to come out of the shadows and not have to worry about having broken our nation’s laws to even be here in the first place. There are several other important problems with the Gang’s proposal; here’s a lucid summary from the Heritage Network.

In simple terms, this is amnesty, and is an affront to the rule of law we used to have in this nation.


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