I’ll have a Fifth

When someone is interrogated, whether by Congressional committee or down at the local precinct, and they invoke the Fifth Amendment, most of us can reach the obvious conclusion that here’s someone with something to hide.

By definition, the Fifth Amendment, against self-incrimination, does not mean that those who invoke it are guilty. Of course not. However, back here in the real world, it seems that only the truly guilty actually invoke the Fifth. Those with nothing to hide don’t need to. Regardless of our opinion however, such perps still have the right to a trial by a jury of their peers.

In this case, it is an IRS official, one Lois Lerner (no, not Superman’s gal pal) who has now made official what had been expected. She will take the Fifth in a hearing before the House of Representatives that is delving into the abuse of power by the Obama administration.

Is it not just grand how those engaged in depriving citizens of their constitutional rights are not shy in using them to protect their guilty butts?

Yes, I wrote the Obama administration. Despite his protestations of ignorance as to what transpires within it, Obama remains president, chief executive, and, at least in theory, where the buck should stop. Until that buck becomes politically difficult, or, in the IRS case, an egregious violation of the First Amendment.

The problem for Obama and his minions in Lerner invoking the Fifth? It makes it quite apparent that there was, to turn around the obnoxious phrase used by Obama when asked about the scandal, there is quite a lot that is there, there.

Invoking the Fifth brings only one thing to mind: laws were broken. And I, Lois Lerner, ain’t about to go to jail to save the rest of you Obambi rats.


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