Cause and effect

Theodore Dalrymple has some useful thoughts on the heinous terrorist attack on a British soldier this past week in London.

For those who continue to bleat, a la Orwell’s Animal Farm, that Islam is a “religion of peace,” here’s a corrective on what made the London-born Islamist cmmit murder most foul in broad daylight and then invite passersby to record his bloody act:

…it is not Islam that makes young converts violent; it is the violence within them that causes them to convert to Islam. The religion, in its most bloodthirsty form, supplies all their psychological needs and channels their anger into a supposedly higher purpose. It gives them moral license to act upon their rage…

Islam contains within it ample justification for killing infidels. That much as been true since its founding. Are there Muslims who don’t practice such violence? Of course; thankfully the vast majority. Just as there have always been Christians who willfully violated our Savior’s injunction to love one’s enemies.

And there is the fundamental difference: Islamists who murder can find justification in their scripture. Christians who murder* are, by definition, at odds with the Holy Bible.

*Lost in the shuffle is that the Ten Commandments do not enjoin us not to kill, but not to murder. An important mis-translation that has, since the King James Bible, been corrected.


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