Washington, DC health-care wizards

In a hint of what may be coming down the health care pike, the health care wizards of the city of Washington, D.C. have gazed into their goat entrails and decided that Sibley Memorial Hospital can not spend its money as it sees fit.

Sibley, now part of health behemoth Johns Hopkins, had planned to invest $132 million in proton beam cancer equipment. Not so fast, there, Sibley. We, of the coke-and crack addled D.C. government, know far better than you what you need. And since your hospital is in our fiefdom, we are not about to let you treat as many cancer patients as you might wish.

From the WaPo story, the wise wizards of DC would not approve four treatment rooms, only two. The reason? As reported by WaPo,

…officials said there probably will not be enough demand to justify Sibley’s $132 million program for four treatment rooms, and so approval was granted for only two…

Proton therapy has its boosters, and it appears that the money to be used by Sibley is not provided by the government.

Assuming that is the case, then isn’t it rather stupid for the officials of a poorly-run city to stop medical progress? How are they even remotely qualified to judge how much of an approved medical resource Sibley should build? Shouldn’t the risk of over-building be borne by Sibley and its financial supporters?

The questions answer themselves But, hey, this is the liberal mindset: we know best. Even if we don’t know how to operate the DMV, we can sure tell you about supply and demand for an advanced cancer treatment we just heard about.

Friendly advice from the Commonwealth of Virginia: there’s a reason Congress doesn’t let you people in the DC government do much. It has to do with decades of malfeasance. Let those who are willing to improve your city with a state-of-the-art medical facility do so.


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