Cost of (royal) living

Good news: our economy is on the rebound. Bad news: it is rebounding ever so gradually, and is still green around the gills. Worse news: the Treasury keeps printing money keeping the whole sorry mess afloat. Come the apocalypse news: the evil sequester was supposed to end civilization as we know it.

On this last, consider the ObamaPost claiming that the sky is falling because of a smaller increase in federal spending (yes, people, the sequester did not reduce federal spending, merely slowed the rate of increase of federal spending).

It would seem that, all things considered, the president ought to be mindful as to how much he causes to be spent on his vacations. Ought to be. Is not.

The latest “let them eat cake” moment is the wretched excess of Obama and his family enjoying an African safari. To the tune of $60 to $100 million. Oh, yes, there will be some official business done by Obama in various unimportant crapholes in sub-Saharan Africa. None of which are important to our national security.

When so many Americans still suffer from being un- or under-employed; when so many Americans are seeing less buying power; when huge questions remain about health care, immigration, government spying on its own people, an IRS out of control, a Justice Department out of control, the first killing of an American ambassador in over thirty years, don’t we need a president who stands up and takes responsibility? A president who doesn’t go on yet another un-needed junket? A president who at least pretends he is a leader once in a while?

Oh, right. Got that last one wrong. Obama has been pretending he is a leader since his first day in office. He may play the leader when he’s on his ever-present teleprompter (he even had one at his appearance in a fifth grade classroom in my area). Props like the ‘prompter aside, Obama is no leader.


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