Compare and contrast

Two news stories about our “partners for peace” the Taliban. One illustrates the heinous nature of Islamists. The other, the blind stupidity of Obama and his tame Secretary of State.

First story: “9 foreign tourists shot dead in Pakistan.” It’s those Islamists who did the shooting. In cold blood. One might question the sanity of anyone who tours Pakistan, but being stupid is no excuse for murder. The story is, however, illuminating. This is who Islamists are.

The companion story? Here’s the lead sentence:

Secretary of State John Kerry said Saturday that proposed U.S.-Taliban peace talks “need to get back on track”

Of course. Let’s just sit down with Islamist terrorists without preconditions. After all, we’ll serve some lovely tea and biscuits. What could go wrong?

The lesson? The war on terror rages on. Too bad our Dear Leader Obama has told us that there is no war. Someone needs to tell the other side; looks like they’ve not gotten the message.


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