True democracy

Democracy is overrated. The current situation in Egypt is interesting, but not a crisis for democracy. What, you mean the overthrow of a “democratically” elected leader, Morsi, is not a crisis for democracy?

No. Since the election that put the Muslim Brotherhood in charge was negated almost immediately by president Morsi. The point? One election does not a democracy make. Egypt has no tradition of liberal democratic rule as we in the Anglosphere understand it.

Sure, there are many nations that have elections, have constitutions, many of which sound just grand in the protections they allegedly provide to their citizens. For all I know, the Egyptians have such a grand constitution. Which is a meaningless piece of paper, since Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood simply ignored it, or changed it unilaterally to suit their purposes.

In a word, Egypt lacks the culture needed to support a democracy. They lack the nearly 800 years of experience in self-government and liberty. Absent any liberal tradition, is Egypt doomed to autocracy, dictatorship, and oppression? Pretty much.

And here’s the thing: I simply do not care. What I care about, and what all Americans should care about, is that Egypt is stable and friendly to our interests. Or, at the very least, not hostile. Which very much includes not persecuting Christians or other minorities. Which very much includes keeping the peace with Israel.

I wish the Egyptian people well. But I also would hope that our alleged leadership does not think they can fix Egypt. It is beyond our ability, Washington. Stand down.


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