Think it over

The deadly train crash in Lac-Mégantic Quebec this past weekend killed (at least) 13, and has destroyed a goodly part of the small town where it exploded. The train was carrying oil. At which point all good greenies will righteously declare that rail transport of oil is a very, very, bad thing.

The principal alternative to rail for transporting large quantities of oil? Pipelines, of course. Such as the Keystone XL pipeline that Obama has been using as green bait for his lefty minions. That there is still no decision on building this obvious solution to a transportation problem merely shows how much in thrall Obama is to those minions.

Back in the real world, Bret Stephens, in today’s Wall Street Journal, notes that we need an environmental movement, but one that is “capable of reasoned thought.” On Keystone, he writes

The first application for a Keystone XL pipeline permit was filed with the U.S. State Department in 2008. Since then, the amount of oil being shipped on rails has risen 24-fold. Environmentalists enraged by this column should look at the photo of Lac-Mégantic that goes with it, and think it over.

The only problem is that for so many on the left, it is the mere fact that oil is used at all that is the problem. I call them the Walden Pond-back-to-nature crowd. They are not stupid, necessarily, although that term does fit anyone who is impervious to logic and reason.

No, not stupid, perhaps. But dedicated to their Utopian notion of what our society ought to be, and perfectly willing to dictate to us unwashed masses their version of eternal truths.


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