Epic failure

Dick Durbin, an early and fervent supporter of ObamaCare, is now calling for Republicans to help bail out this stillborn monstrosity this is attempting to hijack one-sixth of our economy. Durbin now admits that the law needs some changes. Do tell.

The delay of the employer mandate by one year was buried in a holiday week blogpost. Conveniently just past the 2014 Congressional elections. Now we find that the health care exchanges, through which people shop for insurance, will also be delayed until 2015.

Finally, in perhaps a strategic blunder, House Republicans are attempting to also delay the individual mandate, i.e. fines that young, healthy people will pay if they don’t sign up for health insurance. This is being done on the notion that it is “unfair” for employers to escape fines for a year while individuals will not.

What is unfair is the whole enterprise of ObamaCare. If I had a higher opinion of Obama’s intellect, I’d suspect that these twists and turns and mini-failures were all planned. Why? So that the sheeple would all turn to King Obama to save them with a total government takeover of health care, the so-called single-payer regime.

But Obama only thinks he is the smartest guy in the room. His minions include many smart and devious people, but in ObamaCare they have created a Frankenstein monster which is unraveling before their very eyes. Republicans’ best bet? Let it unravel; let it fail; let it self-destruct. And make darned sure that people know that it is Obama and the Democrats alone who are responsible for its epic failure.

John Boehner and his troops in the House should simply issue the occasional press release, backed up by data on how much more ObamaCare is costing the taxpayers, on that epic failure.


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