Vóta anseo

In case you’ve been asleep for a while, you should know that there is a major push to grant amnesty to millions of those who are here illegally. In true Orwellian fashion, this is called “immigration reform.”

As a rather large majority of those illegals are from Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries, it’s not any wonder that Democrats are drooling as the thought of more millions of low-information voters who can be manipulated with some sunshine promises of food stamps and other welfare bribes. And Republicans, at least from the squish side of our Party, are so fearful of being labeled as nativist or racist that they are going along for the ride.

I’ve nothing against legal immigrants. I’m a son of one. I grew up among many who emigrated from the Emerald Isle. And today, Americans of Irish descent are many and they are prosperous. But here’s a question: when have you ever seen a sign at a polling place that read Vóta anseo or bỏ phiếu ở đây? That is, “vote here” in Irish or Vietnamese, just to give two examples of the languages of people who have come to America in some numbers.

Surely you’ve seen those signs in Spanish. Here is Virginia, our local law requires them. Which ought to have struck you, an American citizen who went to vote, as rather odd. Wasn’t fluency in English a requirement for citizenship, and thus for voting?

The point is not that Spanish-speakers are not welcome to join our nation. Just that they should join our nation fully, and not just be rubber-stamped as here legally because it is politically expedient to do so. That includes not needing Spanish-language signs and instructions.

I’m not a nativist. I’m an American. And I expect those who come here to live on a permanent basis join us and be American. Not just culturally. But in their language, which, sooner or later should lead them to thinking as Americans.

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