Do no harm

This is the essence of the Hippocratic Oath: do no harm. Yet, for decades, the United States’ foreign policy establishment has been fixated on “fixing” the Middle East, doing much harm in the process. This fixation, promoted by our Best and Brightest at the State Department, and eagerly endorsed by virtually every president regardless of party, has resulted in…

Well, anyone with an internet connection or working television can see the dog’s breakfast that is Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and most other parts of the Muslim world. If they aren’t killing each other, they’re plotting to kill us. Oh, and never forget, it’s the Jews’ fault for all things less than perfect in the Middle East.

The current bloodshed in Egypt is viewed as horrific and un-democratic. Both of which are true: the Egyptian military, being the only adults in the country, took charge to prevent Egypt becoming another Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip writ large. Many hundreds have been killed in Egypt. The only good news is that the death toll (so far) is lower than the bad guys vs. bad guys brawl in Syria.

The point is that in Egypt the good guys are those best able to maintain stability in Egypt and thus the region: the military. They may be bastards, but they’re our bastards. What is our best play? Obama has it wrong again, per usual. He and the feckless John Kerry seem fixed on the idea that since a Muslim Brotherhood toad was elected democratically, voila, Egypt is now a democracy.

They are no such thing. They are a Third World country with a Second World army and air force. And the commanders of these forces are the best bet for stability. Democracy means nothing if Egypt slithers its way to sharia law and another losing and pointless war with Israel.

Spengler, a/k/a David Goldman summarizes how pathetic we’ve become to the players in the region:

America’s credibility in the Middle East, thanks to the delusions of both parties, is broken, and it cannot be repaired within the time frame required to forestall the next stage of violence. Egypt’s military and its Saudi backers are aghast at American stupidity. Israel is frustrated by America’s inability to understand that Egypt’s military is committed to upholding the peace treaty with Israel while the Muslim Brotherhood wants war.

Do Obama and his minions favor the Muslim Brotherhood merely because they won an election? Seems like it, as the principal symptom for such moral blindness would be to treat the only force for peace in Egypt, the military, just the same as the Muslim Brotherhood. The latter being the force most likely to engulf the region in war.

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