molɔːn labé

Come And Take It flag with Cannon“Come and take” in ancient Greek. These are the words ascribed to Sparta’s King Leonidas, uttered in defiance of the hordes of Persians who would deprive Sparta of its liberty at Thermopylae.

These words have stood the test of time, and were used in our Revolution and in Texas’ War of Independence from Mexico in 1835-6. Ultimately successful, against fearful odds. And the spirit, that Revolutionary spirit, lives on in the person of Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Senator Cruz has been on his feet going on 24 hours, reminding those of us who still count ourselves patriots that we are not sheep. We are not to be herded into pens, subdued, made into mutton for the convenience of those who would lord it over us.

Those now being not bewigged Englishmen in Parliament, but Democrats in the White House and Congress. Tyranny takes many forms, and in 2013 America it takes the form of a very unpopular government takeover of health care.

Senator Cruz is at this moment very unpopular with those Republicans who are in the “go along to get along” crowd. Insiders, such as Lindsay Graham and John McCain, who seem to have calcified into statues, fearful of taking a strong stand lest it upset tea time in the Senate.

Thank you, Senator Cruz. Thank you for standing tall against further encroachment of our freedom to choose our own healthcare. Thank you for reminding us all that it is the people who hold the ultimate power.

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