Binge drinking by the Left

The Heritage Foundation has an antidote to that New Year’s Eve binge drinking on the part of the Left.  What binge drinking?  Why, getting drunk on the notion that income inequality is, somehow, responsible for economic torpor, lack of social mobility, and, while we’re at it, probably causes cancer.

Poster boy for this politics of envy?  The new mayor of New York City, Bill De Blasio, a leftist’s lefty, who, according to the Left’s poodle publication, the New York Times,

…rose out of obscurity in a crowded Democratic primary field as he shaped his campaign around the “tale of two cities” — a succinct summation of the rising income inequality he vowed he would urgently address as the next mayor.

Yes, yer honor: them rich folks’ is eatin’ poor babies and selling their organs on the black market…

Getting back to Heritage, they pretty much shred the argument that income inequality hurts the poor, and, somehow, prevents the poor from becoming less poor.   In fact, if “remedies” such as (much) higher taxes on the rich are put in place, all it will do is cause fewer job opportunities for those at the bottom of the economic scale.

But the Left is impervious to facts that stand in the way of their ideology.  So, stand by for the full Monty of argumentation that the “One Per Cent” are, somehow, at fault for all of society’s ills.  The usual handmaiden of this argument is that the minimum wage must, magically, be doubled without resulting in fewer minimum wage jobs being available.

Only the stupids will believe in such magic.  Only the charlatans in public life will feed them this pabulum.

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