Simple solution

To any objective observer, Obamacare, otherwise known by the Orwellian name of “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” is a failure.  It is too complex, too intrusive, too limiting, and, simply, too many unelected government worthies dictating what we, the people, must buy.

But Obamacare has its cheerleaders, not excluding those entities that are soon to become its biggest victims:  insurance companies.  After all, it seemed to them that here was the government guaranteeing them customers.  Sweet.  Helps explain why very few people love insurance companies.

So, now that the slow-motion trainwreck that is Obamacare is demonstrating that the preponderance of those who enroll are high-cost older and sicker people, the insurance companies are naturally going to come to Uncle Sam for a bailout.   They should not get it; Obamacare should be left to self-destruct on its own.

Would that it were that simple.  Since the bailout is already in the Obamacare law, action by Congress is needed  Charles Krauthammer’s column today summarizes what must be done thusly:

First order of business for the returning Congress: The No Bailout for Insurance Companies Act of 2014.

Make it one line long: “Sections 1341 and 1342 of the Affordable Care Act are hereby repealed.”

End of bill. End of bailout. End of story.

One may only hope that such a bill passes the House of Representatives, and that it is passed to the Senate so that Harry Reid can attempt to kill it before it reaches the floor for a vote. One can only hope that if this happens, it happens well before this year’s mid-term elections in November. If only to show the voters the “profiles in courage” of today’s Democrats.

Dr. Krauthammer ends with:

Who can argue with no bailout? Let the Senate Democrats decide — support the bailout and lose the Senate. Or oppose the bailout and bury Obamacare.

Let the games begin.

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