Yes, the official unemployment rate declined to 6.7%. But only 74,000 jobs were added, against an expected gain of 195,000. Worst, however, is the continued stagnation of the numbers of Americans who have simply dropped out of the labor force. Not looking for work, they are not counted, and there’s almost 92 million of them. Oh, and the percentage who actually are in the labor force is at a 35-year low. This would make the actual unemployment rate closer to 13%, but, hey, its only numbers, right?

No, these are millions of Americans who have given up looking for work. For a variety of reasons, some of which have to do with the general stagnation of the economy under Obama. But, of course, lefties will never, ever, blame the Numinous One. They’ll blame the weather, the alignment of the stars, and, of course, those nasty Republicans who hate women and eat babies for lunch.

As for the happy talk they present from Obama Central, one Tom Perez is very cute. He is a lefty’s lefty, and apparently can’t help himself. The latest example, and it is egregious on its face, is that one thing we need to do to create more jobs in this country is to have more immigrants. Yep, that’s the ticket: not enough jobs are being created, so lets have more and more mostly unskilled workers around.

Perez almost certainly meant this when he put forth his statement on the dismal job growth numbers for December 2013. On immigration, what he said was liberal code for “open the floodgates for Hispanics.”

And when a liberal says “invest,” he almost always means spend more government money, meaning your tax dollars and mine. “infrastructure” is how lefties spell “pork.” As for raising the minimum wage, it is a near certainty that any time one makes a thing (labor) more expensive, we will tend to get less of that thing. But hey, what’s logic mean when you’ve got such marvelously good intentions? Let’s increase the minimum wage; it’s the right thing to do for our illegal immigrants.

From Perez’s statement, the lefty New Year’s resolutions:

Let’s resolve in the New Year to fix our broken immigration system, invest in education and skills development, rebuild our infrastructure, increase the minimum wage and take other steps to create and expand opportunity for the American people.

There is a close to 100 per cent chance that when a lefty speaks of a “fix” to immigration, it means more and more undocumented aliens in our midst. As for “rebuild our infrastructure,” let’s see those “shovel-ready jobs” that were created by the near-trillion dollar “stimulus.” Oh, right. Weren’t very many, were there?

Finally, increasing the minimum wage won’t “create and expand opportunity” for anyone: it will almost certainly result in fewer jobs. But, hey, unstated but always there will be the left’s desire to extend unemployment benefits until the end of time.

The good news? There really isn’t any. Perez spun and spun, getting dizzy in trying to make a silk purse of the sow’s ear that is the Obama approach to our economy: tax, over-regulate, spin bad results. Repeat as necessary.


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