Unrepentant Red

Pete Seeger has finally left this mortal coil.  He is now likely singing ballads for Satan, extolling the virtues of communism and condemning anything and everything that white, European males have ever done or ever will do.

Unless, of course, those white, European males happen to have beeen communists willing to starve and murder their people in order to  bring about the people’s utopia.  Seeger was, finally, forced to apologize for apologizing for Stalin.  But yet he held on to that communist ideal, amazingly similar to the Nazi ideal:  the nation-state above all (“Deutschland über alles“).

It is not possible to separate the two.  Communism can not exist without force.  Without forcing the population it claims to help into collectivism  by various means, including reigns of terror, murder, government-induced famine.

In Seeger’s world, people may claim to prefer communism.  It’s doubtful that many such idiots have lived under communism, since people who have are usually far too aware of how inhuman such a system is.   I’d like to think that most people have better sense than to go along with the foolish notion that if the state controls everything, we’ll all be better off than if we, as individuals and small associations of individuals, control our destinies.

Ignorance can be fixed, stupid is forever.  Pete Seeger was  a brilliant musician, pretty much stupid in his appreciation of the worst (tied with Nazism) political system ever.    Sadly, he used that talent to promote a heinous political philosophy that has killed tens of millions with malice aforethought.

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