Another salvo in the Democrats’ war on women?

Liberals are fond of bleating out about the “Republican war on women.” Which, at its core, is just a disagreement about abortion “rights.” There are several dimensions to this agitprop, but one element is the apparent universality of rape on college campuses.

For example, this report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette noted that our nation’s Liberal-in-Chief and his minions are busy:

A White House report highlights a stunning prevalence of rape on college campuses, with 1 in 5 female students assaulted, while only 1 in 8 student victims report it.

Let’s leave aside the question of how they get to “1 in five female students assaulted” when “only 1 in 8” report it.

Let’s rather look at some of the data the Gazette includes in their story:

Penn State University’s main campus has reported an increase in forcible sexual offenses on campus from four in 2010 to 24 in 2011 to 56 in 2012. More locally, the McKeesport and New Kensington campuses reported zero forcible sexual assaults in those years, and the Beaver campus reported one in both 2010 and 2011.

Carnegie Mellon University also reported an increase of forcible sexual assaults over the three-year period, with one in 2010, five in 2011 and 15 in 2012.

The University of Pittsburgh’s main campus reported seven forcible sexual offenses in 2010, four in 2011 and six in 2102 (sic).

Bad enough, but how does one get to “1 in 8,” let alone “1 in five?” Let’s compare the sexual assaults as reported with the school enrollments.

Penn State, with 56 incidents reported, has 39,000 on the main campus, of whom 46% are women.   Pitt, with 6 incidents, has 18,000 on the main campus, of whom 50% are women.   Carnegie Mellon, with 15 incidents, has about 6,300 of whom 43% are women.

These numbers of  rape or sexual assault don’t remotely approach 1 in 8, let alone 1 in five.   Perhaps Pennsylvania universities are just calmer places?  Don’t know, although when I went to Pitt (grad school, admittedly),  it was pretty hoppin’.   Carnegie Mellon looks like the rape leader in terms of percentage. This is counter-intuitive if you know anything at all about its culture, and even its rape stats are far, far removed from the alleged  “1 in 5,” which would have given us about 540 rapes.

Look, rape is ugly, a coward’s crime, and “no” means “no.”  No sympathy here for any alleged man who has to force himself on a women.   If there is, indeed, some sort of epidemic of rape on our campuses, let’s look at the data dispassionately and be smart about fixing it.   Who knows, perhaps a good place to start might be to not have coed dorms?

Which brings me to the Left’s cognitive dissonance when it comes to women.  Firstly, they claim that women and men are equal in every respect:  women can do anything and everything just as well as men. And if they can’t, why, we need to adjust the standards so that they can.  Against this, there is the ever-present notion that women, as a class, are, somehow, always victims of men.

Which is it?  The correct answer is “neither.”  Men and women are different, have different strengths and weaknesses.  Each is sexually attracted (generally) to other, which makes it just plain dumb to place them in confined quarters (e.g. a college dorm) to live.  Let alone aboard a submarine.  Allowing men and women to serve together strikes me as the answer to the question “How can we increase the number of rapes aboard U.S. Navy vessels?”

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