Gaza Gay Pride Parade

It seems that Israel does not have many friends around the world just now. It is fashionable among the Left to bash Israel as some sort of colonial power, an “apartheid” state, etc. etc.

The BDS movement continues apace, with its intent being the demonization of Israel. It is no accident that some allegedly Christian churches have joined this unworthy effort. They have apparently forgotten, ignored, or simply denied Scripture that promised all of the land from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River to the Jews. Meaning, simply, that what the Left and its enablers consider a “European” power has somehow usurped the land and suppressed those poor, downtrodden peace-loving Palestinians.

Yes, the same Palestinians who are now controlled by the Islamist terrorist organization Hamas. Whose stated goal is hardly peace, but the destruction of Israel and the killing of all Jews they can get their hands on.

Israel is a liberal democracy, not perfect, mind you, but one in which Arabs are given full rights as citizens. And, as a liberal democracy, it tolerates things such as a gay pride parade. Things that would result in an immediate death sentence in many Islamic countries.

Islamists, such as those in control of the Palestinian rump state (good name, in several senses), would send death squads out to counter a show of gay pride. Their total intolerance is also demonstrated by their refusal to allow a single Jew to live in their territory. If one is both a homophobe and a rabid anti-Semite, this might make perfect sense. To those of us who are neither, Palestine shows itself as just another shithole unworthy of sympathy.

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  1. You are so correct and when one points out that homosexuals are often persecuted in countries that are ruled by Islamic sharia law and by devout Muslims in general you are either ignored or accused of spreading hatred, racism, “Islamophobia”, etc. I’ve always said that Islam and Muslims trumps LGBT on the politically correctness hierarchy. If you accuse devout Muslims of being “homophobic” you’ll likely be accused of being “Islamophobic”.

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