On a wing and a prayer

As reported at Christianpost.com, il Papa is hard at work praying for peace in the Middle East. With specific intention for the persecuted Christians in Iraq, who are being ethnically cleansed by mad dog Islamists.

Pope Francis prayed for an end to Christian persecution in the Middle East on Sunday, one day after Christians were forced to flee the village of Mosul in Iraq following threats from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), a jihadist militant group.

While leading a moment of silence in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican on Sunday, Francis said that Christians suffering persecution in the Middle East will be the subject of his “constant prayers.”

Good to know that Pope Francis is praying constantly. To no apparent effect, it would seem. The Christian population of Mosul, one of the oldest Christian communities in the world, appears to be approximately zero.

How to fight ISIS? Well, a few (hundred) well-placed drones would not be out of order. Might perhaps even get the jihadis’ attention, if we had an American president who might actually tell them to cut out their genocidal violence against Christians.

Getting back to the Pope, he seems convinced that prayer alone is sufficient, and, in what might pass muster among a middle school debate, informs us

“Violence isn’t overcome with violence. Violence is conquered with peace…”

Yes, Francis. Violence never settled anything. Like chattel slavery. Like Nazism. Like Fascism (or was that a little too close to home for those of you enjoying la dolce vita in Rome?

Look, I have a great regard for the Church of Rome, as well as the efficacy of prayer. But prayer is not enough to stop agents of evil such as ISIS. Violence is the only thing that might actually work, if we but have the will to defend Christians.

I’ll end with a question: does the Pope not control huge resources that might be brought to bear on this problem? And all he does is pontificate (sorry, couldn’t resist) about prayer. A sorry lack of spine on the part of Francis.

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