Christian values

As a Baptist, I’ve never understood anyone who considers themselves to be Christian yet denies our Jewish heritage. Or, worse yet, applies an egregious double standard to the State of Israel, where its enemies may commit any atrocity and be blameless, while Israel must be perfect.

Stated differently, we commonly refer in our nation to our Judeo-Christian heritage. This comes rather naturally from the fact that what we call the Old Testament has the same books, is the same canon, as the Tanach used by Jews.

There are quite a few in America who simply don’t get this, who somehow think that we Christians are a totally new breed, that all of Scripture’s lessons may be forgotten, that we have no connection to the Jewish people or Israel.

One man who does get the direct connection between Judaism and Christianity is Rick Perry, who recently had this to say about Israel (via Jennifer Rubin):

“The Jewish values that have transcended time guide Israel and America today, informing our law, our morality and conduct between people of every tribe and tongue. Our forefathers drew inspiration from the ancient Israelites as they sought a new Promised Land, free from the bondage of their oppressors. We live in a land of promise today and we helped re-establish Israel as the Promised Land that millions of Jews could newly call home free from oppression. It is these timeless values that we champion today and it is these timeless values that compel us to speak out for the dignity, security and safety for the free State of Israel.”

Israel, and Christians, have many enemies in today’s world. Some are purely evil, such as Hamas. Others are merely confused or morally blank, such as Obama and many other so-called liberals.

Regardless, I stand with Rick Perry and many others who know the difference. Who don’t prevaricate when it comes to moral clarity. I can’t speak for Governor Perry, but I suspect the source of his clarity is the same as mine: Scripture.

For those who believe, there are few verses stronger than those in Psalm 121:4

Behold, he who keeps Israel
will neither slumber nor sleep.

There has to be some reason that Israel has survived, given that it is in a sea of enemies. As a Christian, I am with John the Evangelist, who wrote (John 4:22) “…salvation is of the Jews.” It is as simple as that.

But, in today’s world, so-called liberals, seem only to care for Jews who are victims. Jews with guns? Horrors.


One thought on “Christian values

  1. First, who cares what a politician says? They say things so that people will like them. That is their nature.

    Second, Judaism and Christianity are opposite concepts. Even Rabbis admit to this. Thus, there is no such thing as “Judeo-Christian” culture nor heritage. Christianity is primarily a refutation of Judaism and a reassertion of the hierarchical essence religion of the Hebrews. The Jews rejected the religion of the Hebrews when they write the Talmud and rejected their own Messiah when they crucified Christ. They venerate the Talmud over the Torah. They venerate man’s reason and intellect over god’s divinity. Christian’s believe in a divine hierarchy and Jews only believe that their intellect and reason will enable them to rule in the world to come, which is not divine because they do not believe in anything outside of the world. Only Christians who do nut understand Jewish theology think otherwise. This is all openly taught by mainstream Rabbis if you know where to look. What a sad state of affairs.

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