In case you missed this story, it seems some of the more aggressive proponents of the Religion of Peace have beheaded yet another innocent.   ISIS is a terrorist organization, and despite what you might have heard, they are not qualitatively different than Hamas, al-qaeda, or any other Islamic “militant” group.   Their goal remains: cleansing the Middle East, if not the entire world, of anyone who does not believe exactly what they profess to believe.

Heartfelt condolences to the family of James Foley, and to all those others who have been murdered, tortured, raped, sold into slavery, or otherwise had their basic human rights trampled.  All in the name of Islam, of course.

How to respond?  Well, ISIS are like unto rabid dogs.  One is not able to negotiate, reason, cajole, or otherwise negate the threat from such animals.  Only brute force, lethal force, will do the job.  Put ISIS down by as much lethal force as we may be able to muster.  And don’t worry overmuch about “collateral damage.” 

ISIS, Hamas, al-quaeda, and all the rest of the rabid dog brigades won’t worry, I can assure you.  And the sooner all of these animals are put down, the lower will be the total body count.

As for the “moderate ” Muslims, the noise they are making about how bad these animals are is positively deafening.  I’m almost unable to hear the crickets.

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