How to deal with ISIS and other Islamic terror groups? There are some basic remedies that are simple in concept but in today’s politically correct world almost impossible to implement.

The first remedy is to know our enemy.

They are rooted in Islam. Islam, that is, as practiced by a significant minority of the world’s Muslims. Open for later discussion is whether Islamic terrorists have “hijacked” Islam, or some other variant of excuses for the “Religion of Peace.” The point is that even a very small percentage of 1.6 billion Muslims world-wide is a large number of jihadists. “Hijacked” or not, before we can deal with them effectively, we need to acknowledge the root cause.

This is preparatory to the shock-headline, “British-born rapper is main suspect in search for ISIS jihadist who beheaded James Foley.” “British-born.” A “homegrown” terrorist. Oh, my.

Which makes no substantial difference. He is a Muslim, and, according to the news reports, went to join his co-coreligionists in carrying out violent jihad. It is as simple as that.

Take no comfort in that “homegrown” label. He does not look like those of us of British, Irish, or other Northern European backgrounds. He looks like who he is: a person of Egyptian heritage. He is a British citizen only because of how squishy and politically correct Britain has become.

Are there jihadists who look like I do, which is to say fair skin, red-blonde hair, and blue eyes? Possibly. But such individuals are, so far, extremely rare. In the black swan, man-bites-dog category.

Which leads to the second obvious remedy: profile. Profile, and examine behaviors with extra special scrutiny.

Look extra hard and anyone entering Britain or America who happens to appear to be from the Middle East or South Asia. Or from places like Nigeria or other Muslim-infested hellholes. Examine their behavior; vet them as much as possible before allowing them in. If those who travel from the Middle East already hold an American, UK, or EU passport, track them once they enter our country.

Sound harsh? Perhaps. Would you rather have some hurt feelings among the innocent, or prevent another 9/11 or worse?

We can have a safe society, or we can have an open-borders society. We can’t have both.

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