Jonah Goldberg has a worthwhile piece up at NRO on the politically correct aversion of the media and of politicians to avoid the word “evil.”   This, as applied to the evil group known as ISIS.

Well, in simplest terms, any group that attempts genocide, ethnic cleansing, crucifies some of its victims, kills women, children, and unarmed civilians in cold blood is evil. The question open for discussion should be on the source of that evil. Is it Islam itself? I.e., has ISIS “hijacked” Islam, or are they merely one of many legitimate variants?

A subsidiary but important question is: If ISIS is a “hijacked” version of Islam, why haven’t the 1.6 billion or so non-ISIS Muslims eliminated it?

I know full well that organized Christianity is not without sin. We have committed evil in the name of our faith in the past. But with modern times has come the recognition of that evil, and a great deal of effort towards its elimination.

We Christians are hardly perfect, and none of us is without sin.  From Pope Francis to any cleric, to any one of us who sit in the pews of a Sunday.  But know this:  we know what is right, and what is wrong.  When we don’t do what is right, we confess our sins to God and at least attempt to repent.  And we’ve got a pretty good handbook in the form of Scripture.

Where are the Islamic gospels that teach them to love the stranger in their midst?

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