Well, my cousins in Scotland are now voting on whether they remain in the United Kingdom. The arguments for separation seem to boil down to Scottish ethnic pride. Period.

Not being one of them, I can’t know how prideful the Scots ought to be about the mere fact of being Scottish. But I do know that cold, hard economic facts are a far better basis for a long-lasting and successful nation. And Scotland is not going to be another Norway, with everybody on the dole forever and ever due to the North Sea’s oil bounty.

“Persistently disappointing revenues” is how The Telegraph describes that bounty. The problem is that the SNP wants to spread all the wealth around in a complete welfare state. And Scotland, if it casts itself adrift from Britain, simply is not economically up to that kind of socialist folly.

As far as Scottish pride goes, seems they are letting those who are not Scots vote. Specifically, citizens of any EU nation or Commonwealth nation who live in Scotland are eligible to vote. Which is hardly “Scottish” nationalism. They will also be letting 16- and 17-year olds vote. Good luck with that project: with too-few exceptions, those children don’t know much and are, shall we say, subject to hormonal swings. Look, I know: I was 16 once, and it wasn’t a pretty picture for logic and rational thought. And I’m pretty smart, at that: I knew everything that needed knowing when I was 16…(this is sarcasm; just can’t find the html tag for it).

All in all, if Scotland votes to secede from Britain, the gits, led by the SNP, will have their moment in the sun. Boy, will Scotland live to regret it.

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