Less than zero

A story in the pot-head’s favorite rag alleges a brutal rape in a fraternity house at the University of Virginia. If it’s in Rolling Stone magazine, it must be true! in response to these allegations, the U-Va worthies have sprung into action. Something must be done!

Here’s today’s example of the hysterical over-reaction by U-Va’s governing board:

The University of Virginia’s governing board unanimously approved a statement of “zero tolerance” of sexual assault Tuesday, less than a week after a magazine story detailed an alleged gang rape in 2012 at a university fraternity…

…On Saturday, University President Teresa A. Sullivan suspended fraternity and sorority activities until Jan. 9 to give the community time to discuss the next steps.

So glad they clarified that. I had thought that the U-Va governing board had some tolerance for sexual assault. I stand corrected.

What these politically correct morons are doing is reacting to allegations of criminal behavior. Behavior which, if actually criminal and proven in a court of law, should lead to jail time. But such niceties of due process elude those on a witch hunt.

Here’s my obligatory disclaimer: I, too, have a zero tolerance for sexual assault. But, also, a zero tolerance for punishment for unproven allegations.

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