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This statement by a State Department flackette caught my eye: “We cannot win this war by killing them; we cannot kill our way out of this war.”

The context is our non-war war against ISIS/ISIL, the latest armed representatives of the Religion of Peace, a/k/a Islam.

It is one thing to “lead from behind,” or practice whatever “strategic patience” might be.

These are the excuses Obama and his acolytes use for not engaging in yet another war in the Middle East. While there may be good arguments to be made against engaging ISIS on the battlefield, that is not the point here. To speak of war as somehow not boiling down to killing a sufficient number of the enemy as to force them to surrender? Nonsense.

This is beyond naive. It is either mind-numbing stupidity, or it is simply throwing words out there at random, hoping that something sticks. Either way, such a statement ignores the blunt reality of every war ever fought successfully* by America: our enemies were only brought to heel by the killing of enough of their soldiers (and civilians, unfortunately) such that they had to either surrender or sue for peace.

Of course, you do other things while killing the enemy. You use propaganda, you try to convince the enemy’s citizens that they are on the wrong side, etc. What you don’t do is community organizing, attempting to get them a better broadband connection and job training. What do you do? Kill enough so that the costs of war are too great for the enemy to bear. Period.


*Not all wars ended successfully, of course. It is telling that of the two most recent major conflicts that we did not win, Vietnam and Korea, we did not go all-out. In Vietnam we tried “hearts and minds.” We lost. In Korea, we fought with one arm tied behind our back, and were not allowed to pursue the Communist Chinese troops across the Yalu. That one ended in, at best, a tie.

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