Socialist Bernie is at it again. In case you missed it, Bernie wants the United States to apologize for slavery. Well, thanks for the opportunity, Bernie, but I think that 360,000 Union dead in the Civil War was more than sufficient apology.

Then there’s the Spread (your) Wealth Around aspect. Here’s a news item demonstrating Bernie’s compassion for the poor along with his notion that solar panels will, somehow, cause us to stop using carbon-based fuels and halt climate change. Assuming the poor recipients of Bernie’s proposed government largess live in areas with sufficient sunlight, and ignoring the inconvenient facts of rapid climate change (e.g. Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age) that clearly had nothing to do with us pesky humans burning fossil fuels.

So, yes, Bernie is a typical lefty, not one to allow mere facts interfere with his good intentions. And, as a conservative Republican, I would never vote for Bernie Sanders. He’s a dyed-in-the-wool socialist who is too far to the left even for the Democrats.

That said, I do have a grudging respect for his Quixotic tilting at Hillary and for the fact that he does not mince words on what he believes. The good news for those of us who want less government and more freedom is that much of what he says is utter nonsense, as is his demand for an apology for events no living soul had anything to do with, and for his fanciful fluff on solar panels.

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