Good news on a red line

While weak leaders like Obama are (in)famous for ignoring self-imposed “red lines,” here’s one such that Dems just love: the Red Line light rail boondoggle, er, project, in Baltimore. Yes, Baltimore, Charm City, with sky-high murder rates, with police that are prevented from policing, with an entrenched-for-five-decades Democrat government that has ground a once-great city down into the muck.

All good liberals love light rail, to the extent that one may almost hear the exclamation mark every time the phrase is uttered: Light Rail! The salvation for all our commuting woes. Not to mention that all the cool cities in Europe have it. And so forth.

Well, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who’s got the dreaded “R” as his party affiliation, has up and cancelled the Red Line project. Primarily because it had threatened to blast a one-mile tunnel under central Baltimore as part of its route, at a mere cost of $1 billion. But that’s mostly other people’s money, so Balmoreans really did not care.

From the Baltimore Sun, a reliable voice for the very-liberal Maryland Democratic Party, we have almost a billion really good reasons for not building this horrific waste of money:

Baltimore and the state will lose the $900 million in federal funding that cannot be used for any other project

Oh, the humanity! Losing federal funding! Let us now rend our clothing, wear sackcloth, put ashes on our heads! What this is, actually, is good news for those of us, however few remain, who actually pay federal taxes to fund such boondoggles.

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