All you need to know…

All you need to know about “gun-free zones”

…about “gun-free zones” is shown in this picture (via Powerline). While the jihadi-apologists in the various federal agencies who “investigate” terrorist acts by Muslims will scratch their heads (at least publicly), those of us who are sentient beings and not restricted by official political correctness know the blindingly obvious truth.

Two truths, actually. First, the obvious motivation for these murders was Islam. Second, it beggars belief that, in time of announced threats to our military by ISIS, that all military personnel who are deployed stateside must be disarmed. This recruiting office was a “gun-free zone.”

Why? Because idiots in charge somehow think we will feel safer if no weapons are seen. Guns are bad, bad bad. They kill people, don’t they? What kind of an image would it send if our Marines were armed?

Can’t wait to see if our wimp-in-chief will have this shooting declared “work-place violence.”

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