Suicide is painless…

Or so goes the line from the M.A.S.H. themesong. In the previous post, I affirmed that our active-duty military who are deployed stateside would be safer if they were armed. Then I recalled why they were disarmed in the first place: an over-anxious nanny state concern that the poor darlings, who we send out to fight our wars, were too likely to use their weapons to commit suicide.

And it should not even need to be said that when a soldier kills himself, he’s no longer available to fight for us. Nor should it be necessary to state that we all mourn those who take their own lives. No one wants more military suicides.

Well, perhaps some do. On the Left, perhaps because it aids in their overall cause to diminish our military. The Left’s cheering section, a/k/a the mainstream media, ever on the prowl for stories that defame the military, is all over a supposed “epidemic” of military suicides. Just Google it, and you’ll come up with lots of horror stories. One small problem: it just is not true. A Forbes article nicely dissects the thesis. Here’s a conclusion:

It’s just very difficult indeed to see that there is an epidemic of suicides in the military: either serving personnel or veterans. Within the limits of the statistics being used the rates seem to be a little below or a little above those for American men generally. I just don’t see where the “epidemic” comes from.

Well, it’s an “epidemic” because it shows how truly horrible we are in this nation to have a functioning military that we have, in the past, actually used to kill enemies. Oh, the humanity! Killing people is wrong, don’t you see? Unless, of course, they are in the process of trying to kill us.

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