She-Who-Must-Not-be-Named and The Donald

She-Who-Must-Not-be-Named is a terrible campaigner. She not only lacks the common touch, she is massively out of touch with the rest of us. This is becoming evident, even to the slow learners in the Yellow Dog Party. if you don’t get the reference, Google it – it’s a good definition of the idiots who’ll vote for anyone who runs as a Democrat.

In contrast, The Donald seems to be a straight talker, no-nonsense kind of guy. Seems to be. Until one dregs up the various lefty causes and politicians he has supported. For which he usually makes the excuse, “he’s my friend; he’s a terrific guy.”

The Donald is in this race for the simple reason of improving his brand and his bottom line. He is a blowhard, uncouth, and, as Marco Rubio all but said on Fox&Friends this morning, he lacks class. But, after 7 years of The One, we should be used to this in our president.

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