Deep Dive

In case you missed it, our Social Justice Warrior Pope, Francis, seems to have swiveled from “liberation theology” to warning us of the disasters of global warming, climate change, bad weather, or something, if we don’t mend our wicked ways. Even the True Believers at the WaPo kind of mocked him with the headline, Release of encyclical reveals pope’s deep dive into climate science.

Deep dive, indeed. It seems the more exalted one’s position, the greater one’s celebrity, the less one must think things through before bleating it out for the world to see. But then, Francis is a Jesuit.

Let’s be generous about Jesuits: they are protean, and this may be a good, or a not-so-good thing. In Francis’ case, what comes across is that he has swiveled from the liberation “theology” cheered by his fellow Latin American Jesuits to the sky-is-falling climate alarmism.

I was catechized by Jesuits, and have always had the greatest respect and affection for the order (just happy my name is not Ignatius Xavier…) However, they are often on the lefty side of policy arguments, giving those arguments Christian window dressing. Francis comes across as a politician first, and a shepherd for his flock a distant second.

Preach the Gospel. Leave the politics to others. Have some discernment before accepting and repeating alarmist ravings about global warming, er, climate change, or whatever it will be called when the apocalypse does not come to pass. Francis, remember the coming nuclear winter?

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