The Donald

Donald Trump has become an issue for Republicans, at least among the chattering classes in the mainstream media. He’s the Republican they love to hate, and hold up as an example of what the Grand Old Party has become. According to them, of course.

But my Republican Party remains the Party of Lincoln, the Party that led the war to end slavery, the Party that overcame the solidly-Democratic South to end Jim Crow. But, hey, memories are short and selective on the Left.

Now The Donald is hardly my cup of tea. He’s only a conservative of convenience, just as he has a long history of befriending and supporting politicians of all political stripes who could be of benefit to Trump.

Will Trump be the cause of another Republican presidential defeat? Possible, but unlikely.

The Donald is a showman. He is a loudmouthed buffoon. He comes across as not having serious policy positions or prescriptions, although he does raise some serious issues. The problem is that his hucksterism clouds the distinction between serious issues and un-serious solutions.

Right now he is polling significantly higher than any of the other 15 (at this writing) prospective candidates. And therein lies his downfall. As our field winnows down, which it is sure to do over the next year, he’s going to be getting much more scrutiny from the people who matter (Republican primary voters).

If this does not doom his reality-show driven quest, then perhaps it is time for the Republicans to go the way of the Whigs.

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