Dodged the bullet

Boston, my Dad’s hometown, dodged a bullet when they pulled out of contention to host the 2024 Olympics. From,

In a joint statement, United States Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun and Steve Pagliuca, chairman of bidding group Boston 2024, characterized the decision to pull the plug as a mutual one, reached Monday.

Boston’s bid has been subject to significant scrutiny, spawning multiple opposition groups and failing to capture public support. The bid was due to face a referendum next year, something recently unveiled documents showed Boston 2024 hoped to avoid.

You bet they “hoped to avoid” a referendum. Anyone who has seen what the Olympics can do to a city should know that such a referendum would be unlikely to pass, even in a nominally liberal town such as Boston.*

Wanting the Olympics to me is akin to liberals’ intoning, “we need high speed rail, all the cool countries have it!” And the economics of it are pretty much never what was envisioned. One example is Montreal hosting the 1976 Olympics. From an otherwise rah-rah Olympics piece in CNN (, this is all one need remember: “The 1976 Montreal Olympics almost left the city bankrupt with its US$1.48 billion-price tag.”

*Not all of Boston. Some of us are conservative, working class, and as practical as death. It’s those damned Yankees who are the liberals these days, and I’m not speaking of the New York baseball team.

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