Even Jeb is looking good…

…as compared with The Donald.

I never thought I would say this, but Jeb is looking very good as compared with The Donald. Yes, Jeb is named Bush, and might start with that foolish “compassionate conservatism again.” Yes, he seems to be the very embodiment of an establishment Republican. And, yes, The Donald has said some things guaranteed to get the blood pumping. Not to mention things that I agree with.

But: until a very few years ago, Trump was a Democrat, and, more importantly, voiced strong support for some causes near and dear to the Left’s blackened hearts. E.g. universal health care. The point being he will claim to support whatever he thinks is needed to get what he wants. That it is not done from philosophical conviction means it is ephemeral.

But wait, his supporters may howl: Ronald Reagan was a Democrat, too. Yes, but Reagan woke up and got smart decades before he was elected President (he made it official in 1962, when he registered as a Republican).

The Donald is a showman, a braggart, and a blowhard. When pressed for details on how he plans to accomplish something, he evades and reminds us how rich he is. Thanks for sharing, Donald.


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