As for The Donald…

Trump is almost a walking definition of what it means to be vulgar. He is a blowhard. He is a bully, juvenile in his attacks. Not just juvenile, but sometimes downright mean-spirited (e.g. mocking a disabled reporter for his disability, not for his opinions).

When his supporters argue, “But what he is saying is true,” does this apply to Trump’s many insults against others? And what is the truth about vague statements that such-and-such is “going to be terrific?” Because he’s going to make “great deals,” I suppose.

Look, Donald Trump is fun to watch (except when he is cringe-worthy). And he is owed a debt for bringing issues to the fore (such as immigration and the brainless Obama plan to bring tens of thousands of un-vetted Syrian refugees into our country).

But as a potential commander-in-chief? As we might say in my native New York, fuhgeddaboudit.

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