Nothing much has changed

Been away since last September, for a variety of reasons, including surgery.  In the four months, little of substance has changed in the Republican primary.  Then, I wrote:

Two points. First, conservatives and Republicans (I am both) need to ask themselves: are those seeking the Republican nomination likely to be better, or worse presidents, than Hillary (or Joe or, shudder, Bernie)? There is not a single person running on our side who would not make a better president than any of those the Democrats have on offer (whatever happened to Jim Webb?).

Second, hark back to William F. Buckley’s premise: we should nominate the most conservative candidate who can win the general election. Not the perfect candidate. He (or she) does not exist.

Right now, for me at least, that would be Marco Rubio. He is smart, well-versed on the issues of the day, good on his feet, and presents the starkest possible generational contrast with the Old Folks the Dems have to offer.

Marco Rubio is still my first choice.  As for The Donald, he thunders on,  spitting his venom at those who disagree with his greatness.

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