Standards be damned

The December 2015 announcement by the Obama administration opening up all combat jobs to women should have come as no surprise.  It is a triumph of political correctness over function.   Of course, as current SecDef Carter stated, “as long as they qualify and meet the standards, women will now be able to contribute to our mission in ways they could not before.”

Yes, of course they will qualify and “meet the standards.”   And if they don’t, then, by God, those standards must be biased.   But that’s for another time to argue over.

My first reaction?  The typical woman lacks the upper body strength of the typical man.  Of course, there are some women stronger than most men, and,  we’ve all met men weaker than most women.    Fine.  Very few women will actually be able to pass the screening, right?

For now.  Standards will inevitably be sacrificed so that the military doesn’t “discriminate” against women.    But consider what might be a typical duty for a female infantry grunt (gruntette?):  dragging or carrying a wounded comrade to safety.   The Marines’ weight standards for a 5’10” man (say a typical Marine) are 132 pounds (min) to 192 (max), for an average of 162 pounds.

Now, how many women are able to actually dead-lift 162 pounds, let alone carry that weight for any distance?  Not many, I’d guess.

Not to matter.  One inevitable reaction to this PC nonsense is to propose that women should register for the draft.  Makes sense, if one accepts the premise that, in the unlikely event we need to activate the draft, then all who are at potential risk for combat duty ought to share that risk.

Therein lies the lefty dilemma:  the notion that women are proud and tough and can do anything at all, crashing directly into the other lefty theme of women as helpless victims  (no means no, microagressions, etc. etc).  If women can serve in the combat arms, then they must, in fairness, also be part of the draft.  Sorry lefties.  Your women will need to leave their fainting couches at home.

In the reality, I can pretty much guarantee that a vast proportion of women would not pass realistic screening for combat jobs.  As, for that matter, far too many men would not, but almost certainly not nearly proportionally as many women.   Thereby wasting a whole lot of the military’s time and effort if we are ever as a nation so  strapped for volunteers that we must re-engage the draft.

Hey, social justice warriors:  be careful what you ask for.  You might just get truly equal treatment.

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