Russian intervention on the side of Trump has been a lefty bugaboo since Trump made foolish bromance comments about Putin during the campaign.

Doesn’t mean the Russians haven’t been trying to hack our government’s networks, or the DNC, or the RNC for that matter. But the Democrats have been reaching to find any reason that Trump won. Besides the obvious one: Hillary Clinton was a bad candidate.  Perhaps the only one who would have lost to virtually any Republican.

Did Trump win because of Russian hackery? It’s possible. Anything is possible. But hacking thousands of air-gapped (not connected to any network) voting systems at the county level? Not credible.

Two points: first, is it not rich that the party that is dead set against voter ID laws and other means to ensure clean elections is now howling that, somehow, the past election was somehow fraudulent?

Second, I’m all for investigating the extent of Russian hackery. But, if this is a bi-partisan cause, why does it need to be completed before Obama leaves office? Well, before he makes it formal. These past few weeks, Obama has seemed more and more like a wan echo of the community organizer who play-acted as our president.

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