If I forget thee, O Jerusalem

jerusalem-shieldThus goes the lament in Psalm 137, made by the Jews held captive in Babylonia.

Jerusalem has been at the very heart of Jewish faith since it was the City of King David (ca.  1010–970 BC).  To this day, Jews around the world have celebrated the Passover Seder by concluding with these words:  Next year in Jerusalem.

It is, naturally enough, modern Israel’s declared capital.  Unfortunately,  much of the rest of the world does not agree.  The stated reasons usually have to do with the so-called “two state solution,” or, more accurately, its absence, wherein so-called Palestinians would also get a sovereign state, living side-by-side in peace with Israel.

As if.  The real reason has more to do with the world’s eternal use of Jews, and now modern Israel, as scapegoats for any number of their problems.

What has all this to do with Donald Trump’s presidential administration?  Just that President-Elect Trump has, once again, upset the applecart by announcing as his ambassador to Israel David Friedman.

Oh, the horror:  Mr. Friedman actually seems to believe that Jerusalem, the Eternal City, is not just the ancestral home for Jews around the world.  But that the pesky State of Israel, object of so much leftist ire (how dare Jews carry guns and defend themselves?), not only has a right to exist, but must have our embassy located in, according to Friedman, “Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem.”

Good God.  Friedman has elicited the usual responses from the usual suspects.  Just google “David Friedman ambassador to Israel” and the usual adjective from the mainstream (i.e. liberal) media is “hardliner.”

Thus are actual supporters of a strong Jewish state, one that determines its own capital, marginalized.  You don’t agree with the chimera of a “two-state solution?”  Hardliner.  You think we should not acknowledge history and our Bible?  Hardliner.

So it goes.  I’m quite pleased that Trump has gone in this direction:  an actual supporter of Israel, not an acolyte of the moral-equivalency church that may be found on today’s Left.  And church is the correct term: it does require no little faith to believe that the Palestinians will ever live peaceably next to land they falsely claim has been theirs for millennia.

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