Secretary for ExxonMobil?

The coming nomination of ExxonMobil chief Rex Tillerson has created a bit of a firestorm.  Obviously, the Democrats have a visceral hatred for anyone who is a fossil fuels guy.  And one doesn’t get much more fossil fuelsy than the CEO of the largest oil company on the planet.  Clearly a bad, bad, bad man.

But Mr. Tillerson has the backing of the only man necessary for the nomination:  Donald J. Trump, president-elect.  But soon after Trump’s inauguration comes the drama:  will Tillerson be confirmed by the Senate?

The Left, and their usual mouthpieces (e.g. the Washington Post) are strewing seeds of scorn and doubt, in equal measure.  The WaPo had a lengthy hit piece article the other day, which featured an endorsement of Tillerson by Darth Vader himself, “Richard B. Cheney.”  Yes, that’s Dick Cheney, who I worked for when he was SecDef.   Yes, that’s still Dick Cheney, when he was George W. Bush’s VP.

The “Richard B.” is just a sly way of heaping scorn on Mr. Cheney.  But, hey, that’s why those WaPo writers and editors get to go to those fancy Georgetown cocktail parties…

The serious point of the article is the clear attempt to sow discontent with Sen. Marco Rubio, a key player on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The money paragraph:

Republicans hold a 10-to-nine advantage on the foreign relations panel. If just one Republican and all Democrats band together against him, they could sink Tillerson’s nomination before it even reaches the Senate floor.

Take that, you fossil fuel loving monster, you.  That said, Tillerson does face some serious questioning about his business and personal relations with Vladimir Putin.  My sense is that, barring a major surprise, the incoming president ought to be able to get who he wants in his cabinet.

Hey, if Obama could have Hillary Clinton, bag lady for the Clinton Foundation, and John Kerry, traitor to his fellow Navy vets as his Secretaries of State, then Rex Tillerson should be a shoo-in.

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