No Mystery

The facts of the Berlin terror attack appear well-known:  a Muslim, likely inspired (or sent) by ISIS, ran a truck into a Christmas market crowd in Berlin.  Killing 11, with the murdered driver of the truck making an even dozen dead victims of Islamist terror.

There were other attacks in the past few days, including the assassination by an Islamist murderer of the Russian ambassador to Turkey.  How do we know that the murderer is an Islamist?  Perhaps the obligatory shout of “allahu akhbar!”  Kind of a giveaway, don’t you think?

It remains to be seen whether President Elect Donald Trump’s strong words will be put into some effect.  One may only hope that the United States has gone past the obligatory “we’re so sorry for the victims” response.

Like Obama, our response to so many of these terrorist attacks has been puerile and gutless.  Once again, I’ll hold judgment on Trump until we see what, exactly, he can do to these jihadis.

Words are cheap; tweets even cheaper than actual policy statements.

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