Manners, Even in the Age of Trump

This article by Kevin Williamson at National Review Online is well worth your time.  Especially given the liberal meltdown at the impending Apocalypse.  Or, by its actual name, Inauguration Day 2017

We live in an urban area that went for She Who Must Not Be Named by at least 70-30%. And, among other things, we are simply awash with Subarus, many with that stupid “Coexist” bumper sticker. Others with “I’m with Her,” and the occasional Bernie Sanders sticker. Gah. But don’t blame the car.

Confession: I own a Subaru, and love it for utilitarian reasons. Drives well, is not expensive, has good cargo space, and has all-wheel drive. Highly recommended, regardless of one’s politics.

For what it’s worth, I consider myself a Tea Party Republican. Except for my wife, who (mostly) shares my politics, it’s a lonely political life where I live in Northern Virginia. As for shopping at Whole Foods? My Smug Liberal Detecto-Meter might not survive the encounter. Besides, I don’t even like gluten- and GMO-free kale, or whatever foods are trendy this minute.

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