Despots, thugs and hypocrites

Thus I would describe the vast majority of the United Nations. The actual immediate perps that revived the infamous Israeli settlement resolution are four nations with zero security interests at stake in the Middle East: Malaysia, New Zealand,  Senegal, and Venezuela. New Zealand is a surprise; didn’t realize their government was controlled by hypocritical lefties. The others? Thugs and despots, for sure. But this applies to the UN writ large.

The resolution in question calls for Israel to “cease all settlement activities” and declares all existing settlement to be in “flagrant violation” of international law. So, who’s going to arrest the settlers?

My point? Any resolution by the United Nations has zero actual impact on reality. Israel will continue to do what Israel believes to be in its best interests. Not what the UN says should be in its best interests.

As for “settlements,” virtually every modern nation has seized territory and, uh oh, here comes that loaded word, built settlements in that territory. England seized territory from Ireland, for example. We seized Texas and the rest of American Southwest from Mexico, and so it goes.

But here’s the essential difference: we did not ethnically cleanse those seized territories. People of Mexican descent still live there. By the millions. Palestinians, on the other hand, insist that no Jews may live in “Palestinian” territory.

Idiots screech about “Apartheid Israel.” Israel, which has Arab citizens in the Knesset and in its military. Which side is truly apartheid (lit: “apartness” from the Dutch)? The entire sorry business amounts to anti-Semitism: a huge double standard of perfection applied only to Israel.

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