Jewish or democratic

John Kerry, who will be our Secretary of State for 23 more days, uttered this inanity in his Israel-bashing speech (as reported here):

If the choice is one state … Israel can either be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both, and it won’t ever really be at peace.
That it is not democratic and Jewish right now will come as a great surprise to those Israelis who vote and who form political parties to compete for the leadership of the government.

What Kerry alludes to is if Israel is swamped by Palestinian Arabs exercising their “right of return.”  That is, 70 years after the Arabs refused to recognize that the Jews had returned to their ancestral homeland. And attempted to kill all those who had somehow escaped the Holocaust along with the Jews who had been living in the Holy Land for time immemorial..

Should this happen, if Israel remains fully democratic, then the Arabs will overwhelm the Jews in absolute numbers  and will in very short order install a pro-terrorist government.  The essential problem is not whether Arabs may live in peace with Jews.   The essential problem for the Obamites appears to be the very existence of a Jewish state.

Since I’ve yet to hear any of Obama’s minion say so in public, they’ve no problem with countries that declare Islam as their state religion.  And, usually, these countries outlaw outright other faiths or make them second-class citizens (at best).

Can’t have Jews doing this, no sir.  It’s apparently an offense against the progressive god to have a state religion that is not Islam.  And, along with this, Jews must be helpless victims to be liked.  Armed Jews defending their lands?  Horrors.


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