Three State Solution

Once again, pressure has been put on Israel to adopt itself to a “two state solution.”  Where “adopt itself” actually means surrender its sovereignty to a frankly anti-Semitic United Nations and a feckless and cowardly Obama administration.

What would make much more sense would be a three state solution  that returns to the status quo ante 1967, with one major difference.

The three states? Israel, including all of the West Bank and the Golan Heights. This would be the major difference, as pre-1967 borders are indefensible.

The other two states? Jordan, taking whatever remains of “Palestinian” territory not ceded to Israel. Egypt, taking back the Gaza Strip.

Jordan would not be too keen on having more PLO thugs in their midst; bad memories of Black September 1970 likely still resonate with the Hashemites. But with the right combination of diplomacy, carrots (e.g. bribes), and sticks (e.g. withholding aid), it could be done. Only if we have a tough-minded American administration doing it. Those who admire John Kerry’s diplomacy skills need not apply.

Likewise for Egypt, who would not particularly want the terrorists in Gaza. But with the right inducements, it could happen.

Far-fetched? Perhaps. But how much real progress has there been in recent decades for the holy grail of a two-state solution?

Note: this approach was put forward by John Bolton in 2014. I believe the logic is sound.

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