Defund and get out


From National Review’s editor, Rich Lowry, this on the United Nations:

We’ve come a long way from Daniel Patrick Moynihan excoriating the U.N.’s 1975 “Zionism is racism” resolution in one of the finer exhibits of righteous indignation in the history of American speechifying.

The Obama administration acceded to — and, reportedly, assisted behind the scenes — a less notorious but still noxious Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements. By the administration’s lights, the action is clever — it will be extremely difficult to reverse and will increase Israel’s international isolation.

Mr. Lowry does not go nearly far enough.  The latest stab in the back of Israel by the United Nations once again shines a bright, disinfecting light on the United Nations.  Don’t doubt that some good gets done. But one need only know the kinds of brutal dictatorships that are chosen to the Orwellian-named Human Rights Council includes such Jeffersonian democracies as China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and Rwanda. ‘Nuff said.

But if the U.N. is as bloated and inefficient as it has been for 70 or more years, would it not make great good sense for us to join with actual friends (e.g. the Anglsosphere, although someone should knock some sense into the Kiwis’ heads) and take on those tasks?

Hardly a week goes by without some anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-freedom nonsense (or all three, a trifecta) emanating from the fetid swamp that is the United Nations. Doubt that? Check in with Human Rights Voices  for the latest outrages.

The United Nations, as did the League of Nations before it, has long since passed its sell-by date. We should withdraw from it, now. Stop any and all payments. Kick them out of any U.S. location. Be fair; give them 10 days to vacate. But first collect all unpaid parking tickets and fines, or jail the offenders. After all, after we withdraw, U.N. Employees on our territory will no longer have diplomatic immunity…

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