“Strategic investments”

This is big government-speak for “spend, spend, spend.” My county, Arlington, Virginia, is basically 100 percent liberal Democrat. When candidates for county office present themselves who are not Democrats, even if they’ve been Republicans, they run as “independents.”  

And, needless to say, it is rare for any fiscal conservative to win. After all, it’s other people’s money…

Nonetheless, Arlington County wallahs are raising alarms about shortfalls. Here’s a sample of the thinking, if one may call it that, from Arlington County (in an email on real estate assessments):

The challenge facing the County and Schools as they approach the FY 2018 budget is that revenue is expected to be less than projected expenditures.

Not to worry, folks. Big government types never worry about balancing the books based on actual revenues. So the “challenge” won’t be to reduce expenditures. It hardly ever is on the loss side of the ledger. Oh, no. We’ll just raise taxes and continue spending like drunken sailors on liberty.

And let me leave you with what Arlington County’s anointed rulers call spending the citizens’ monies:

The County and Schools will work with the community to make the funding choices needed to balance the competing demands of making strategic investments…

Got that? We won’t actually mention that any of the planned expenditures might not be necessary. Nope. They’re all “strategic investments.”

Democrats attempting to “govern.” Translates in English to “Democrats spending your money.

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